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Puppet Academy 2015 Puppet Academy 2016 Team
Below are the successful puppeteers who were selected from all over the UK, for the 2016 "Puppet Academy Team". They spent a week in August at the Viking Centre, Claxby, where they learnt a wide variety of new skills whilst working on a set of 8 songs which will be presented in the main Friday night showcase at this year's European Puppet and Creative Arts Ministry Festival in Rugby. Well done to all the team for working so hard during the week and a huge thank you to Fliss, Cam, Beckie and Charlie for all your help in making the week run smoothly!


Charlotte Taylor:
“This was my second year at Academy and a whole new level of puppetry! (Sshhh, it’s all top secret for now!) Academy is physically tiring, but the long days are rewarded with a healthy dose of Skittles and other sugary delights! I have laughed until I cried, created some pretty epic props, learned a whole host of new choreography, but most importantly feel spiritually refreshed.
To anyone reading this who is unsure about whether to apply for Academy 2017, go for it! It is honestly the highlight of my year. I have made some wonderful friends and developed as a puppeteer - what more could you ask for?
A big thank you to our Head Chef, Fliss for preparing our delicious meals and lots of home baked treats; to Mick for the best curry in Grimsby; to Beckie for helping with literally everything; to Ian and Jenny for encouraging us when it all got a bit too much; to Charlie and James, our technical gurus; and to Cam - our talented Chief Prop Officer (CPO) and dinner entertainer. Last, but by no means least, a massive thank you to Fi and David - you are both awesome and a real blessing! 

I am so excited about the EPMF in October, it’s going to be EPIC! For now, keep calm and puppet on!” 

Jacob Eyres:
“Well what can I say? Academy was great again, for my second time. Another week full of puppets, great puppeteers, good friends, both old and new and of course, the Academy standard 40 bags of skittles and sweets to keep us awake and full of energy. I would like to say a huge thank you to David and Fi for organising the week, Fi for her devotions, Fliss for her lovely meals and anyone else I may have forgotten. I just can’t wait to perform it at the EPMF, it's going to be great! And as David would say, the week was ‘fit as’!” 
Rebecca Chappell:
“I've never been so inclined to randomly fall asleep all over the place but I was definitely one of the best weeks of my life. It was my first year at Puppet Academy and I really didn't know what to expect... I was extremely nervous. Especially about meeting a bunch of people I didn't know, but I instantly felt welcomed and accepted and it was brilliant to meet fellow young Christians who are as passionate about puppets as I am. I really feel that I have made friends for life.

The week was quite intense, but I have learned so many different skills and things that I didn't know before, which I know will help me grow and also help my own puppet team. Thanks to the support of fantastic teachers and fellow puppet people.”
Bethany Hannaford:
“My Academy experience was truly unforgettable. I learned so much and developed both my skills in puppetry and confidence in my own ability. I loved working as part of a larger team and especially appreciated the opportunity to see how versatile blacklight puppetry is with a big group. I just can't wait for the EPMF in October. I know it will be awesome. The One Way UK team are so supportive and great fun. I couldn't recommend Academy highly enough.”
Naomi Halloway:
“This is my second year of Academy and it’s been great to see friends from last year as well as making new friends. Last year definitely pushed my puppetry up a notch, especially my choreography, and this year has done the same and has had me doing types of puppetry that I’ve not done before, which has been great fun. Academy is definitely the highlight of my year and I can’t wait for everyone to see the result of all that hard work in October.”
Joshua Macrow:
“Puppet Academy 2016 was an amazing week. Definitely the best week of the year for me. We got to do some amazing things with puppets such as when we all... hold on... I’m not allowed say anything! All secrets aside, I had a fantastic week at the Academy and I am very excited for everyone to be able to watch all the amazing things we have done in October. I would recommend Academy for anyone over 16 who loves puppets.”
Max Sellers:
“This year was a lot more demanding than last year physically and spiritually but at no means less fun. Being able to make new friends and catch-up with the old ones is definitely a bonus. Learning new ways to do puppetry is... interesting. But seeing it all together makes for a great times hopefully all the creases can be ironed out for the show!”
Catrin Charmley:
"This was my 2nd year at Academy and I didn't think it could get any better than last year, but I was  wrong. I really enjoyed getting to see old friends and making new ones. Even though my body was extremely drained and exhausted throughout the week, I felt spiritually refreshed. Our long nights were fuelled by David and Fi's encouragement, along with a pile of Skittles to keep us going. I got to learn new skills and improve old ones and got to try completely new things along the way! The week at Academy will most likely be the highlight of my year and I can't wait to show you all that we have achieved this year at the Festival."
Lucy Watson: 
“After helping out at Academy and witnessing the show come together for quite a few years I deciding it was time to give it a go. I really enjoyed being part of the team and having the opportunity to work with pupppeteers from all over the country. As well as having very little sleep and working into the early hours of the morning, we watched a meteor shower, played the cereal box game (get ready for the rematch at EPMF) and ate so many sweets. I'm looking forward to the Festival and showing everyone what we've worked so hard to produce.”
Heidi Lawrence:
“This is my 3rd year back at Academy and I wouldn’t miss it for anything. It was another brilliant year of fun, food, friends, fantastic laughs and even a bit of puppetry mixed in! Thanks to the wonderful team of cooks, for their delicious, energy fuelled food. To David and Fi, for their inspired choreography and Fi’s inspirational devotions each morning and thanks to everyone in the team for making it an awesome week. Can’t wait to show everyone at the festival what we’ve put together. See you there!”
Nathaniel Ingle:
“Back again for my 4th academy (obviously I can't get enough of it) and so happy to be back; linking back up with old friends, creating new ones and learning new skills (oh just you wait people, it's going to be fit as). Thanks to David and Fi for encouraging me and supporting me not only throughout the week but all four years I've been with you! Peace out and I'll see everyone at Rugby"
Jess Mansfield:
"Anyone who has seen Academy perform will know that I've been in it many years now (6 to be precise!) but it's fair to say I've got the Academy bug and will continue to take part until they don't accept me back anymore. The songs this year are of an incredible standard that we have not achieved before and I'm beyond excited to showcase them to you at EPMF. Thank you Fi and David for once again stretching us to our limits. Let's do this Academy 2016!"

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