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Raising Finance Through Local and National Grants 

Over recent years we have helped and supported many Puppet Teams in obtaining grants through their local contacts. We know of teams who have successfully obtained grants from £500 to £7,000 to help further their Puppet Ministry.


How can we help you?

Are you in need of funds for a particular project? Is your team in need of a new puppet stage, sound system, lighting, trailer, mini bus or some more puppets? Are you thinking of starting an after school puppet club or in need of some resources for your community work?

Start by checking out these links:-  

Sources of Funding
- Community Development Foundation
- Garfield Weston Foundation
- AllChurches Trust
- The Church and Community Fund
- Church Urban Fund
- The Hedley Foundation

- Princes Trust (Community Grants)
- Anchor Foundation

Further Research 
Grant Tracker 
Grant Finder
Google community grant search
- Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

The above links are constantly being updated and revised, if you have come across any other sources of grants or have been successful in a recent grant application, we would love to hear from you!

There are many grant providers who are looking to help fund initiatives particularly with those working with children, young people and vulnerable adults in the local community.

Remember you will probably need some paperwork (pro-forma invoice) to support your application, and this is where we can help you. Email or phone
01472 362810



Trevor from Co. Londonderry
St Andrews church is based on an estate in Coleraine which is part of Neighbourhood renewal. In recent years hundreds of houses have been knocked down as part of a plan to modernise and change the appearance of the area. We suffer from many social problems, though we are seeing a great change in the community. We work closely with our neighbour church and have several joint ventures running to try to reach the unchurched kids on the estate. One of these has been a School of Rock. This was funded by the
Local Community Fund, which is supplied through the local council. They were so pleased with the success we were having with young people that last year they asked me if we had any plans or ideas to extend this programme. I then submitted the idea of starting a puppet school to them. We were pleased that they have agreed to fund this project. We now have the puppets and this will be a great tool in drawing young people to our various clubs. They will get to use the puppets and we will be able to build on relationships with them. Most important of all we will be able to use these puppets to help us get the message of Gods love to these young people and their families.

Trevor Hayes- Youth and Community Worker

Caz from South Wales
We applied for a Greenshoots Home Mission Grant from the Baptist Union and our local Baptist Union Rep went through all the paper work to help us.  We applied for £3,000 which we were granted in two £1,500 instalments. The first we received immediately and we then had to put in a written report after a year detailing how we used the money,
how the ministry had progressed and what we saw as the future.

The money enabled us to purchase:
1. New Puppets, 
2. Staging (we had made staging out of plastic plumbing pipes, but it was bulky and took ages to put up and take down).
3. Sound system, prior to this we used a cd player or the host churches system.
Having the above items meant we were able to go out more with the puppets giving us a lot more opportunities as we are not so limited with space (before we would need a car just to carry the staging!)
030_11.jpgThere are now 15 of us in the team, 4 adults and 11 teenagers.  Over the last year different events we have been a part of include church services, youth clubs, church Christmas part, outreach in local park and visits to residential home.  At present we are working on the musical Outer Space Inner Space and hope to take it to various local churches.

Praizin’ Hands Puppet Group.
Praizin’ Hands Puppet group was set up 4 years ago. It is part of 1st Hythe Girls’ Brigade in Southampton and we have 2 teams.
Praizin’ Hands puppet group have received a number of grants over the past 4 years to help finance our puppet ministry.
Firstly we have received a number of grants from Exxon Mobil as they run a volunteer involvement programme. Exxon Mobil award money to worthwhile projects in the local community if any of their employees or spouses help out in the voluntary group. Also, one of our helpers works for the Royal bank of Scotland and they operate a similar scheme. Our Church has set up a project, which is called “Families Matter”. It offers a number of services for children, young people and their families including a school and home project working with vulnerable children and their parents. We believe that the puppets can offer a creative way of putting over the danger of drugs, alcohol, smoking, teenage pregnancy, self-esteem and bullying etc. Therefore, we applied to Hampshire county council (youth fund) for a grant to be able to set up this project. They were interested in this project as it complemented the ‘Every child matters’ policy and we received a grant from them. This has enabled us to buy a portable sound system and helped us to set up this project. They would not have given us this grant if we were going to use the money on promoting the Christian faith. On this particular project, we do not mention our beliefs unless asked. However, we go into the schools to lead assemblies alongside this and then that is our opportunity to share our faith. We also invite these families to Church events as part of our outreach and it is wonderful to see how many people have been touched in some way. We have had a request to go into a college to use the puppets for adults who have a learning disability and are disabled. The college feels the puppets will be an excellent way of teaching their group about drug and alcohol dangers. 

Beverly Eyres

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