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Hubie Toobie Yellow Blacklight Puppet Code: PSB-01Y

Add some zest to your blacklight puppet presentation with this fluorescent yellow 6 foot (1.8m) tall life-sized Bunraku character!

Hubie Toobie will really stick it to em' with his fully articulated arms and legs. Available in both brilliant orange or dazzling yellow, the Hubie Toobie puppet is available in two operating styles.

Standard Toobie under normal light
Standard Hubie Toobie: (£220)
The standard Toobie is worn by one puppeteer and has a fully articulated body with adjustable straps for easy operation. The head is detachable for easy storage. Please note the standard Hubie Toobie does not have a controllable moving mouth. If you are wanting to focus on choreography rather than lip sync this may be the better option for you.

Deluxe Hubie Toobie: (£235)
The deluxe version comes with controllable moving mouth and is best operated by two puppeteers. We suggest one puppeteer wears the puppet while the other performer manipulates the head.

You can also order the optional "Body Support" (£10, see related products below) which eliminates the need for straps and gives greater freedom of movement to the character.

Now manufactured in the UK exclusively under license in Europe by One Way UK!

Please note, Toobies are built at time of order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery, we will call to confirm the estimated delivery date for your order.

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