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We have been providing training and resources to equip churches since 1991 in the UK, Europe and all over the world. The purpose of our ministry is to encourage and inspire others to use puppets and other creative arts to share the Good News of Jesus. We have been made in the image of a creator God and we want to share the Gospel of Jesus creatively using puppets and in other creative ways including; Gospel Illusions, Drama, Storytelling, Ballooning and many other art forms. Puppets are an incredibly powerful way to reach and connect with children from just a few months’ old to children over a hundred years old! The truth is that anyone of any age or background can relate to and engage with puppets.

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Our Creative Productions team design and build many of our puppets here in the UK where we have developed a growing reputation for high quality custom built puppets to meet customer’s own bespoke requirements. These are not only for churches, but also many for professional entertainers, theatre productions, holiday parks, music videos, TV advertising campaigns and more!

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Ian Jones

Managing Director

Ian started and has been director of his Church puppet team in Grimsby since 1998. With over 20 members they have a busy programme in churches and also outreach in the community and care homes and schools. He has also coordinated mission trips abroad for his team to Romania, Bulgaria and Burkina Faso. Ian's heart lies in reaching out to children and families and for over 30 years has led and been involved with these ministries in his church. Through his years of experience in puppet ministry, he is passionate about inspiring others to use their creativity to share the Gospel too!


Jenny Jones

Company Director

Jenny joined her church puppet team in 2000 and has traveled with them throughout the UK and to many countries around the world. She founded the church Tots Group over 30 years ago and led it for more than 10 years. Getting involved again with her grandchildren 2015, she has developed a number of new products to help Tot’s Groups with singing time. Jenny loves creating ideas for 'Tuff Trays' and is always on the lookout for new ideas on how to improve the group and develop relationships with the mums, dads, and grandparents.


David Jones

Company Director

David has been involved with puppet ministry for the last 23 years since he joined a team when he was 9 and has traveled to Africa and Romania as well as all over the UK with performances and training too. He joined One Way UK as a director in April 2009 in the head office in Grimsby. David has a passion for working with children and young people completing his Degree in Children's and Youth Mission and Ministry in June 2012 after studying at Cliff College. In March 2020 he also started working as his church's children's worker, involved in everything from co-ordinating the Sunday provision to planning special events and school assemblies too.


Cam Welsh

Creative Productions
Lead Designer and Builder

Cam is an experienced puppeteer who began performing in his church at the young age of six and is very passionate about puppet ministry. He started working for One Way UK in February 2014 and has advanced his position to Lead Puppet Designer and Builder and now manages the Creative Productions workshop. His great love is receiving a puppet brief and with all his knowledge and experience building a puppet character that the customer will love. A busy bunny in his church, Cam heads up the church Media team, leads the Friday family outreach programme and plays the drums in the worship group. When not being involved in all these he has occasionally been known to sleep!


Jacob Eyres

Creative Productions
Puppet Builder

Jacob joined One Way UK in June 2021 to support Cam with the puppet building in the Creative Productions Workshop. Jacob had previously been a member of the Puppet Academy Team and had been a member of his parent's puppet team for 15 years in Southampton. He has quickly settled in Grimsby and is already involved in the media, tech, family and youth work of his church.

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